Hamdard Neobax 15g

Hamdard Neobax 15g

Hamdard Neobax 15g


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Pack Size: 15gm Cream

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Pharmaceutical Form: Cream

Brand Name: Hamdard

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Hamdard Neobax 15g

Hamdard Neobax 15g is for men who need nourishing help for their conceptive region. It contains numerous home grown fixings that urge blood stream to this locale and subsequently help to condition the male organs and furthermore increment charisma.

It is exceptionally compelling for the individuals who have the propensity for masturbation and have powerless genital framework. It is additionally valuable for untimely discharge. It is for men who need to acquire strength, further develop temperament and increment their sexual craving normally.

Uses Of Hamdard Neobax 15g

Anacylus pyrethrum (Pellitory)

  • It works on actual strength and work as a decent sexual enhancer. Aqarqarha benefits a ton in untimely discharge.

Testicular Extract (Castoreum)

  • It raises the degree of sexual fervor. It restores the male body, builds want and further develops attitude.

Clove (Oil from clove buds)

  • As an effective rub, clove oil assists increment with blooding flow and gives a warming sensation.

Musk xylol (Musk)

  • As love potion, it is given in blend with other sexual enhancer in fundamental shortcoming and ineptitude.

Olive (Oil from olives organic products)

  • Externally, olive oil is emollient and relieving to excited surfaces and is utilized to mellow the skin and as oil for knead.

Cantheridis (Blister scarab)

  • The cantheridis are utilized as Spanish fly because of their inclination to cause priapism (constant unusual erection of penis).

Cinnamom (Oil of cinnamom bark)

  • Cinnamon oil is an aggravation and sensitizer.

Key Benefits

An natural cream containing herbal components meant for max energy and energy in adult males going through lower in libido (intercourse drive) and to enhance youthfulness.

  • Indicated in situations like loss of intercourse hormone earlier than and after puberty; guys dropping their masculinity and erection electricity due to immoderate use or misuse; neighborhood tissue regeneration this is faulty due to neighborhood ailments including gonorrhea, syphilis, and others; or because of sexual debility (weakness) due to a long-time period sickness.
  • Strengthens susceptible genital organs.
  • Effective for untimely ejaculation.
  • Increases stamina -Improves temper and preference naturally


  • Anacylus pyrethrum 1.500 gm
  • Arania coccina 0.083 gm
  • Olive oil 0.500 ml
  • Pheretima posthuma 0.083 gm
  • Celastrus oil 0.167 ml
  • Musk xylol 0.042 gm
  • Testicular concentrate (Castoreum) 0.133 gm
  • Cantharides 0.008 gm
  • Clove oil 0.117 ml Excipients q.s.
  • Cinnamon oil 0.117 ml


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