Freehale 5mg Tablets 14’s

Freehale 5mg Tablets 14's

Freehale 5mg Tablets 14’s


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Pack Size: 14’s

Composition: Montelukast

Pharmaceutical form: Tablets

Brand Name: High-Q

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Freehale 5mg Tablets 14’s

Freehale 5mg Tablets 14’s can be used to treat asthma-related symptoms, including wheezing and breathlessness. This Tablet is also utilized prior to exercising to prevent breathing issues (bronchospasm).

This tablet can also be used to treat symptoms associated with allergies and hay fever like a stuffy or runny nose and sneezing.

Uses Of Freehale 5mg Tablets 14’s

  • It is often used to stop wheezing and breathlessness that are due to asthma.
  • It can also decrease the severity of asthma attacks.

Side Effects

  • Headache
  • restlessness
  • abdominal pain
  • increased sweating
  • anaphylaxis.

When Not To Use

It is not recommended for those with hypersensitivity to the medication.

Expert Advice

  • Eat with or without food
  • Make granules on your own or mix with carrot sauce, applesauce and ice cream. Do
  • Do not mix with the liquids.
  • You should take it within 15 minutes of opening the package.
  • Contact your doctor if you experience an ongoing abdominal ache and abdominal pain. Skin
  • The skin is itchy, rash and unusual congested or coughing, aggravation of asthmatic
  • If you suffer from aspirin sensitivity be sure to stay away from aspirins and other NSAIDs treatment.


  • It is not advised for patients with an increase in eosinophils the blood.
  • suicide thinking or depression (mental/mood disorders) as well as blood vessels that are inflamed on the skin.
  • anxiety disorders (psychiatric disorders that cause excessive fear or anxiety).

  • Do not replace abruptly with oral or inhaled steroid treatment.
  • Avoid use in the treatment of symptoms that are acute.
  • Do not use if symptoms appear.
  • Churg Strauss Syndrome occur (disorder that is characterized by inflammation of blood vessels, limiting the flow of blood to organs as well as tissues).
  • The tablets that you chew may contain aspartame.
  • If you suffer from Phenylketonuria (disorder that causes lower metabolic rate of the amino acid, phenylalanine ) or any other medical condition that calls for you to avoid or limit aspartame (or the chemical phenylalanine) within your food.
  • Talk to your physician or pharmacist about the safe use of this drug.



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