Emkit 0.75mg Tablets

Emkit 0.75mg Tablets

Emkit 0.75mg Tablets


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Pack Size: 2’s

Composition: Levonorgestrel

Pharmaceutical Form: Tablets

Brand Name: Zafa

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Emkit 0.75mg Tablets

Emkit 0.75mg Tablets are commonly used by women to avoid pregnancy following a birth control failure (such as a damaged condom) or sex that is not protected. This acts as an emergency contraceptive that is not recommended for regular birth control.


  • Levonorgestrel is commonly used by women to avoid pregnancy following a birth control failure (such as a damaged condom) or sex that is not protected.
  • This acts as an emergency contraceptive that is not recommended for regular birth control.
  • Using this medication won’t end a pregnancy in progress or safeguard your partner or you from sexually transmitted illnesses (such as HIV, the gonorrhea virus, and chlamydia).
  • This medication may not perform well for women of the weight of a specific amount (for instance, more than one hundred pounds or 74 kilograms)
  • If you’ve taken various other medications in the last month.
  • This can lead to the birth of a baby. Discuss with your doctor for more information and to determine whether this medication is appropriate for you (see the Drug Interactions section).
  • Check for the ingredient list listed on the label, even if you’ve previously taken the medication before.
  • The manufacturer could have altered the ingredients.
  • Furthermore, similar products with similar names could contain various ingredients that are used for different uses.
  • If you choose the wrong product, it could cause harm to you.

Side Effects Of Emkit 0.75mg Tablets

  • Vomiting/nausea
  • Abdominal pain
  • Dizziness
  • Tiredness and changes in the vagina bleeding or breast tenderness or headaches may be experienced.
  • If any one of these symptoms persists or becopersistsening, consult your physician and pharmacist promptly.
  • If your physician has advised you to take this medication be aware it is because your physician has concluded that the benefits for you are greater than the risk of adverse negative effects.
  • A lot of people who take this medication do not suffer severe side effects.
  • Contact your physician immediately in the event of adverse side effects that are serious for example the following: severe lower stomach discomfort (especially between 3 and 5 weeks following the administration of the drug levonorgestrel).
  • A serious allergy to this medication is not common.
  • But, you should seek medical assistance immediately if you experience any sign of an allergic reaction
  • Such as swelling
  • Itching or rash (especially of the mouth, tongue, and face)
  • Severe dizziness
  • Difficulty breathing.

Expert Advice

  • Talk to your doctor if taking another medication along together with it.
  • If any adverse effects worsen, contact your physician immediately.
  • Take this medicine only as directed by your physician
  • This medication should not be used for use in children. In adults, the 1st list of this medication must be taken as quickly as possible following intercourse. after which you should take one tablet 12hrs from the time of the first dose.
  • If vomiting develops within 3 hours after either dose, it is recommended that a second tablet be taken right away.

How To Use Emkit 0.75mg Tablets?

  • If you’re taking a self-treatment medication over the counter take note of all the directions on the package before using this drug.
  • If you have questions you have, ask your, doctor.
  • If your physician is prescribing this medicine, use the medication as prescribed.
  • Take one tablet through inhalation either with or with no food, as fast as you can following a sex session that is not protected.
  • The best results are when it is consumed for at least 72hrs (3 days) following sex that was not protected.
  • If you have a vomiting problem within two hours after taking this medicine Contact your doctor to inquire if you require to take the medication again.
  • When you start taking this medication The time at which your period occurs and how you bleed could change.
  • Contact your doctor immediately when your period is more than seven days late.
  • You might need to undergo a prenatal test.


  • Interactions with drugs could alter how your medication performs or increase the chance of having serious adverse negative effects.
  • This document doesn’t cover all interactions that could occur between drugs.
  • Keep a list of all the products you use (including prescription/nonprescription drugs and herbal products) and share it with your doctor and pharmacist.
  • Don’t start or stop taking or alter the dosage of any medication without the approval of your physician.
  • Certain drugs can cause the emergency birth control to function less efficiently due to the decrease in the number of hormones for birth control within your body.
  • This can lead to pregnancy.
  • Examples include modafinil
  • Griseofulvin
  • Rifamycins (such as Rifampin, and rifabutin)
  • St. John’s herb
  • Medications that combat seizures (such as carbamazepine, barbiturates felbamate, and phenytoin primidone topiramate)
  • HIV drugs (such as Nelfinavir, and nevirapine) and many more.
  • Ask your doctor or pharmacist for further information (see the section on Uses).



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