Evion Capsule 600mg 10×10’s

Evion Capsule 600mg 10×10’s

Evion Capsule 600mg 10x10's

Evion Capsule 600mg 10×10’s


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Pack Size: 100s capsule

Composition: Vitamin E

Pharmaceutical form: capsule

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Evion Capsule 600mg 10×10’s

Evion Capsule 600mg 10×10’s treat Vitamin E deficiency which is characterized by eye disorders, anemia, muscle weakness, and poor nerve functions. As a nutritional supplement after surgery, in malnourished individuals, or when the body’s requirement is increased.

Vitamin E is fat-soluble, so dietary supplement products are usually in the form of the vitamin, esterified with acetic acid to generate tocopheryl acetate, and dissolved in vegetable oil in a soft gel capsule. For alpha-tocopherol, amounts range from 100 to 1000 IU per serving. Smaller amounts are incorporated into multi-vitamin/mineral tablets. Gamma-tocopherol and tocotrienol supplements are also available from dietary supplement companies. The latter are extracts from palm or annatto oils. If used in a liquid form, the dose should be measured using a measuring device so that the correct dose is given.

In the United States, vitamin E supplement use by female health professionals was 16.1% in 1986, 46.2% in 1998, 44.3% in 2002, but decreased to 19.8% in 2006. Similarly, for male health professionals, rates for the same years were 18.9%, 52.0%, 49.4%, and 24.5%. The authors theorized that declining use in these populations may have been due to publications of studies that showed either no benefits or negative consequences from vitamin E supplements. Within the US military services, vitamin prescriptions were written for active, reserve, and retired military, and their dependents, were tracked over years 2007–2011. Vitamin E prescriptions decreased by 53% while vitamin C remained constant and vitamin D increased by 454%.


This medication is used to treat vitamin E deficiency because of malabsorption and in congenital or hereditary chronic cholestasis. It is also used to treat intermittent claudication and various fertility disturbances.

Side Effects

This medication may cause diarrhea. Less commonly it may cause asthenia, disturbances in serum potassium and sodium concentration, alopecia, pruritus, and rash.

When Not To Use

This medication should not be used in preterm newborns.


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