Eventone C tablets 500mg

Eventone C Tablets

Eventone C tablets 500mg


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Eventone C tablets

Eventone C tablets help prevent aging by neutralizing free radicals, helping to protect the skin from damage caused by photoaging. It also helps to reduce the appearance of darkness, where the skin has pigment, leaving a bright light and even appearance. It helps in water retention and makes the skin younger and whiter.

Eventone C tablets help in controlling, preventing, and improving diseases, conditions, and symptoms such as dark skin tone, pigmentation, and discoloration. It helps to soften the skin and helps reduce pigmentation.

Eventone C tablets are also known as vitamin C. Eventone-C tablets are water-soluble vitamins. It is associated with monosaccharides in form and is in the form of reduced and oxidized, dehydrated. It involves different functions. Supplements can be used in people with chronic diseases, burns, or certain blood diseases. The best sources of vitamin C are fresh fruits such as citrus fruits, strawberries, melons, and vegetables such as lettuce, cabbage and tomatoes, potatoes, green leafy vegetables, and red peppers.


Take one 500mg tablet twice a day, either all at once or in two divided doses. People with brown skin should take the dose for 1-3 months. On dark brown skin, use for 3 to 6 months. On dark skin, use 6 to 12 months, and on black skin, use 2 years or more. If you have any questions about the medicine, contact your doctor or pharmacist at Almishkat.pk


  • Effectively whitens and improves the skin condition
  • Reduces skin dullness,
  • dryness and age spots Minimize fine lines,
  • wrinkles and pores Soften and smoothen all types of skin Protection against environmental damage Improves the appearance and skin texture


  • L Glutathione (reduced) 500mg
  • Vitamin C, Milk Thistle extract
  • Alpha-Lipoic Acid

Eventone C tablets Side Effects

Serious or irreversible side effects of Eventone C tablet that lead to other problems including oxalate kidney stones. Tablet treatment., Signs and symptoms that occur after a severe overdose of Eventone-C include diarrhea, Gl disturbances, and hemolysis in patients with G6PD deficiency. They can be treated symptomatically, especially with laxative effects.


Should not be given to pregnant women., If pharmacists support the benefit of the drug against potential harm, they should reconsider them and refer to references and previous studies.

  • Eventone-C should be used with caution (if it contains tartrazine) in patients with hypersensitivity to aspirin because it can cause allergic reactions (including asthma).
  • Use with caution in patients with glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G-6-PD) deficiency. Avoid large doses of Eventone-C Tablets as this can cause calcium oxalate kidney stones.


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