Evion Cap 200mg 10×10’s


Pack Size: 10X10’s

Composition: Vitamin E

Pharmaceutical form: Capsule


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Evion Cap 200mg 10×10’s

Evion Cap 200mg 10×10’s is a group of eight fat soluble compounds that include four tocopherols and four tocotrienols. Vitamin E deficiency, which is rare and usually due to an underlying problem with digesting dietary fat rather than from a diet low in vitamin E, can cause nerve problem Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant protecting cell membranes from reactive oxygen species.

Worldwide, government organizations recommend adults consume in the range of 7 to 15 mg per day. As of 2016, consumption was below recommendations according to a worldwide summary of more than one hundred studies that reported a median dietary intake of 6.2 mg per day for alpha-tocopherol. Research with alpha-tocopherol as a dietary supplement, with daily amounts as high as 2000 mg per day, has had mixed results.[6] Population studies suggested that people who consumed foods with more vitamin E, or who chose on their own to consume a vitamin E dietary supplement, had lower incidence of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, dementia, and other diseases, but placebo-controlled clinical trials could not always replicate these findings.[2] As of 2017, vitamin E continues to be a topic of active clinical research. There is no clinical evidence that use of vitamin E skincare products are effective. Both natural and synthetic tocopherols are subject to oxidation, and so in dietary supplements are esterified, creating tocopheryl acetate for stability purposes.


This medication is used to treat vitamin E deficiency because of malabsorption (inability to absorb nutrients), and in congenital (by birth) or hereditary (inherited) chronic cholestasis (long term blockage in the liver). It is also used to treat intermittent claudication (cramping in the leg) and various fertility disturbances.

Side Effects

This medication may cause diarrhea. Less commonly it may cause asthenia (weakness), disturbances in serum potassium and sodium concentration (electrolyte disturbances in blood), alopecia (hair falls out in small patches), pruritus (itch) and rash.

When Not To Use

This medication should not be used in preterm newborns.


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