Cac-1000 Plus Cola Flavour Tab 10’s

Cac-1000 Plus Cola Flavour Tab 10's

Cac-1000 Plus Cola Flavour Tab 10’s


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Pack Size: 10 tablet

Composition: Calcium supplement

Pharmaceutical form: Calcium

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Cac-1000 Plus Cola Flavour Tab 10’s

Cac-1000 Plus Cola Flavour Tab 10’s It is a calcium supplement in effervescent tablet format available in 4 flavors; Orange, Lemon, Cola and Mango (sugar-free). CaC1000 PLUS has strong scientific credentials as it has a unique formulation of double calcium in the form of Calcium Carbonate and Calcium Lactate Gluconate.

Calcium carbide is sometimes used as source of acetylene gas, which is a ripening agent similar to ethylene. However, this is illegal in some countries as, in the production of acetylene from calcium carbide, contamination often leads to trace production of phosphine and arsine. These impurities can be removed by passing the acetylene gas through acidified copper sulfate solution, but, in developing countries, this precaution is often neglected.

Calcium carbide is used in toy cannons such as the Big-Bang Cannon, as well as in bamboo cannons. In the Netherlands calcium carbide is used around new-year to shoot with milk churns

Calcium is used to determine the content of Soil. When soil and Calcium carbide are mixed in a closed pressure cylinder, the water content in Soil reacts with Calcium Carbide to release acetylene whose pressure can be measured to determine the moisture content.



Calcium supplement products are indicated to use in patients with hypocalcemia (low amounts of calcium in blood), chronic calcium defeciency, rickets, osteomalasia and osteoporosis (diseases of the bone and joints due to vitamin D and calcium defeciency), adjunct in the treatment of hypokalemia, lead poisoning and flouride poisoning.

Side Effects

Diarrhea, nausea, flushes and hypotension are the commonly reported side effects after using calcium supplement products.

When Not To Use

Calcium supplement products are contraindicated to use in patients with hypercalcemia, hypercalciuria, severe kidney failure and kidney stones. Calcium supplement products can be used safely during pregnancy. Calcium supplement products can be used safely during pregnancy.


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