Fefol Sp Capsule

Fefol Sp Capsule


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Pack Size: 56s capsules

Composition: Ferrous Sulphate

Pharmaceutical form: Capsule

Brand Name: GSK

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Fefol Sp Capsule

FEFOL is utilized to forestall or treat iron lack weakness and to forestall folic corrosive inadequacy during pregnancy. This medication is suggested for use during pregnancy and while bosom taking care of.


It is utilized as a prophylaxis (avoidance) in iron or folic corrosive inadequacies.


Its results are GI vexed (stomach related plot uneasiness), dull stool and epigastric agony (torment in the upper-mid-region).

When Not To Use:

Its usage is restricted in the accompanying conditions: diverticular infection (little sacs arrangement in the mass of the digestive organ), intestinal deterrent ( blockage in the digestive system that prevents food and liquids to pass further in the stomach related plot).

Hemochromatosis ( a condition where the body ingests iron more than required).

Hemosiderosis ( iron over-burden in body organs).

Hemolytic weakness (a condition with a higher pace of platelet devastation than its creation in the body).

Red cell aplasia (dysfunctional red cells), also, rehashed blood bonding.


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