One-Alpha Capsules 0.5mcg


One-Alpha Capsules 0.5mcg


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Pack Size : 30 Capsules Per Pack

Composition : Alfacalcidol

Pharmaceutical Form : Capsules

Brand Name : Leo Pharma


One-Alpha Capsules Uses

One-Alpha contains the dynamic substance alfacalcidol.

One-Alpha has a place with a gathering of drugs called nutrient D

analogs. It is a kind of nutrient D.

Nutrient D controls the degrees of two substances in your body.

These substances are called calcium and phosphate. Your

body needs both of these substances for sound bones and


One-Alpha works by expanding the measure of nutrient D in

your body. This implies the degrees of calcium and phosphate in

your body will increment as well.

One-Alpha is utilized to treat sicknesses where the measure of

calcium in your body needs evolving. It is utilized to treat:

  • Changes in bone brought about by kidney disappointment (osteodystrophy).
  • Changes to your parathyroid organs. These are little organs

found in your neck. They make a substance called the

parathyroid chemical. This progressions the measure of calcium

in your body.

° The organs might make the measure of calcium in your blood

excessively high (hyperparathyroidism).

° The organs might make the measure of calcium in your blood

excessively low (hypoparathyroidism).

Low levels of calcium in the blood of infants


Softening and disfigurement of the bones because of absence of calcium

(rickets or osteomalacia).


Converse with your PCP, drug specialist or medical caretaker prior to taking


  • If you are taking any of the medications in the ‘Taking other
  • medications” segment underneath.
  • If you have any issues with your kidneys. This incorporates if
  • you have kidney stones.
  • If you have granulomas or sarcoidosis. You might be more touchy to One-Alpha.

You might get an excess of calcium or phosphate in your blood

at the point when you take this medication. If it’s not too much trouble, read area 4 of this

pamphlet so you can recognize any signs this might be going on to

you. Your primary care physician might have to change your portion.

While you are taking One-Alpha your primary care physician will take customary

blood tests. This is vital in kids, patients with

kidney issues, or patients on a high portion of medication. This

is to really take a look at the degree of calcium and phosphate in your blood

while you take your medication.

Your specialist might recommend another medication called a

phosphate restricting specialist to take just as One-Alpha. This

will assist with keeping the perfect measure of phosphate in your




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  1. Cerebral pain
  2. Diarrhoea, heaving, clogging, queasiness
  3. Muscle torment
  4. Fatigue
  5. Calcinosis (stores of calcium in the body)
  6. Feeling feeble or unwell.