Duodart Cap 0.5mg-0.4mg 30’s

Duodart Cap 0.5mg-0.4mg 30's

Duodart Cap 0.5mg-0.4mg 30’s


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Pack Size: 30s capsule

Composition: Tamsulosin HCl

Pharmaceutical form: Capsules

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Duodart Cap 0.5mg-0.4mg 30’s

Duodart Cap 0.5mg-0.4mg 30’s is indicated for the treatment and prevention of the progression of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) in patients with an enlarged prostate, to reduce prostate size, alleviate symptoms, improve urinary flow and reduce the risk of acute urinary retention (AUR) and the need for BPH related surgery.

Dutasteride is used for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH); colloquially known as an “enlarged prostate”. It is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the U.S. for this indication.

Dutasteride is approved for the treatment of male androgenetic alopecia in South Korea and Japan at a dosage of 0.5 mg per day. The superior effectiveness of dutasteride relative to finasteride for this indication is considered to be related to the fact that the inhibition of 5α-reductase and consequent prevention of scalp DHT production is more complete with dutasteride. Dutasteride is also used off-label in the treatment of female pattern hair loss.

Although no reports specific to dutasteride currently exist, 5α-reductase inhibitors like finasteride have been found to be effective in the treatment of excessive facial and/or body hair growth in women.

Dutasteride is sometimes used as a component of hormone therapy for transgender women. It may be useful for treating scalp hair loss or in those who have issues tolerating spironolactone.



Duodart Cap 0.5mg-0.4mg 30’s is used in men to treat and control the symptoms of an enlarged prostate (benign prostate hyperplasia), it relieves symptoms of prostate hyperplasia by reducing the risk of urinary retention and the need for surgery.

Side Effects

The most common side-effects are male sexual dysfunction, breast tenderness and gynecomastia (enlarged breast tissue).

When Not To Use

This medicine is contraindicated in women and children. It should also be avoided in patients with liver impairment and patients allergic to soy or peanut.


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