Calpol Pead Suspension 100ml

Calpol Pead Suspension 100ml

Calpol Pead Suspension 100ml


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Pack Size: 1

Composition: Paracetamol (120mg)

Pharmaceutical form: Syrup/Suspension

Brand Name: GlaxoSmithKline

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Calpol Pead Suspension 100ml

Calpol Pead Suspension 100ml can be designed for children who suffer from discomfort. Calpol Pead 100ml Suspension can be prescribed for the case of moderate to severe pain. It also helps with fever.

It is a great remedy for teethache, headaches and injuries. Calpol Pead 100ml helps in colds and flus too. To prevent severe adverse negative side effects, it is lower strength than other Calpol syrups and suspensions.

Uses Of Calpol Pead Suspension 100ml

It can treat a variety of ailments including pain in the muscles,

  • headaches and backaches
  • arthritis colds
  • toothaches, and fevers.
  •  It helps ease the pain of arthritis, but is not able to treat the inflammation or swelling of joints.

Side Effects Of Calpol Pead Suspension 100ml

A reaction that is allergic to this medicine is rare.

  •  If you experience skin rash
  • itching and swelling
  • dizziness
  • difficulty breathing
  • consult a physician immediately.

When not to use

  • Hypersensitivity
  • severe Active Liver Disease.

How To Use

  • Consume paracetamol orally along with food, as directed by the doctor.
  • Suck the tablet completely with water.
  • Don’t crush, chew or cut the tablet.
  • Regularly take paracetamol to reap the maximum benefit.
  • To make it easier to remember, drink paracetamol and take it at the at the same time.
  • Quantity will be determined by your health condition as well as your response to treatment.
  • Do not increase the quantity or use this product more often than recommended.

Expert Advice

  • Tablets can be crushed, or taken whole.
  • It is important to immediately notify your doctor in the event of any adverse reactions that are serious.
  • Do not drink alcohol while taking the course of treatment with this drug.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to avoid dehydration.


  • The medicine is prescribed to treat chronic (short as well as long-term) pain-producing muscular disorders tension,
  • Headache dysmenorrhea (painful menstrual flow) and non-articular rheumatism (a class of ailments that are characterized by muscle aches that don’t originate from joints).


  • This medication is not advised for patients suffering from severe heart impairment or alcohol dependence (alcohol dependence).
  • The weight of less than 50 kilograms or kidney (kidney) or liver (liver) impairment or malnutrition, dehydration and anemia(lower than the normal quantity in red blood cells present in blood).
  •  Talk to your doctor for more information.


  • Be cautious when using Calpol Pead 100ml in the absence of the physician’s approval.
  • If you suffer from allergy issues, consult your physician.
  • Before you use this, make sure you share the list of all the products (including herbal and allopathic) with your physician.
  • Talk to your doctor prior to using the Calpol Pead 100ml dose when you are nursing or pregnant.
  • Do not take Calpol Pead 100ml if the child is suffering from severe renal problems.
  • Talk to your doctor prior to using the Calpol Pead 100ml dose if your child has liver problems.
  • In the event of Hepatitis, C-Calpol Pead 100ml is not to be used.



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