Cosmin Gel 0.05% 10g

Cosmin Gel 0.05% 10g

Cosmin Gel 0.05% 10g


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Pack Size: 10g

Composition: Isotretinoin

Pharmaceutical Form: Gel

Brand Name: Saffron


Cosmin Gel 0.05% 10g

Cosmin Gel 0.05% 10g has been utilized to treat Acne vulgaris and other disorders. Cosmin Gel may additionally be utilized to treat other conditions not mentioned in this drug guide.

Cosmin Gel contains Isotretinoin Topical as an active ingredient.

Cosmin Gel is effective in decreasing the size of the sebaceous gland and preventing sebaceous gland’s differentiation.


  • The medication is prescribed in treating the acne.
  • It may reduce the number and severity of acne pimples as well as aid in the rapid healing of pimples that occur.

Side Effects Of Cosmin Gel 0.05% 10g

  • A brief feeling of heat or the sensation of stinging may occur right after applying the medication.
  • Dryness, redness of the skin and scaling.
  • slight burning as well as worsening acne may be experienced within the initial 2-4 weeks of taking the medication.

When not to use

It is not recommended for those who have a history of hypersensitivity to the medication.


This medication is utilized in the treatment of moderate to mild acne vulgaris (long term skin condition ).


This medication is not advised for patients who have a prior history or family experience of epithelioma cutaneous (layer that covers the exterior of organs in the human body).



  • Avoid eye , mouth mucous membrane sunburnt or abraded skin.
  •  Avoid UV light.



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