Kalv Sachet

Kalv Sachet

Kalv Sachet


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Pack Size : 14 Sachets Per Pack

Composition : In Description

Pharmaceutical Form : Sachets

Brand Name : CCL Pharma


Kalv Sachet

Kalv is a multivitamin item used to oversee calcium insufficiency because of less than stellar eating routine, certain sicknesses and during pregnancy.

Bone developer

Calcium is the structure block for solid bones.

Bone Helper.


Kalv contains 400 IU of nutrient D3 which helps the retention of calcium, making the bones versatile.

Bone analyzer Kalv contains 90 mcg of nutrient k2 as mk7 which advances the utilization of calcium and forestalls its affidavit in the veins which brings down the danger of coronary illness, and improves the statement in bones which makes solid bones.

Bone energizer

Kalv contains 32 mg Magnesium which rejuvenates the bone and furthermore directs calcium levels.

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Prior to utilizing this medicine, tell your primary care physician or drug specialist of all medicine and nonprescription/home grown items you might utilize, particularly of: aliskiren, lithium, tranquilizes that might expand the degree of potassium in the blood, (for example, ACE inhibitors including benazepril/lisinopril, contraception pills containing drospirenone).

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