Utrol Capsules

Utrol Capsules

Utrol Capsules

Utrol Capsules


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Pack Size : 20 Capsules Per Pack

Composition : In Description

Pharmaceutical Form :  Capsules

Brand Name :  saadat herbal


Utrol is a predetermined mix of regular astringents, hostile to spasmadics and against microbials so check leucorrhoes, vague vaginitis and menorrhagia. Cardamomum in Utrol, a wellspring of terpinyl acetic acid derivation queasiness, heaving, cerebral pain and goes about as a refrigerant.

Utrol contaions natural prepared iron, Emblica – the most extravagant source weakness, general weakness and calcium Deficiency

Customary utilization of Utrol reestablishes ordinary capacity of the uterus, confers life to the uterine framework and hence limits the odds of constant fetus removal. The job of Utrol as a steady treatment is exceptionally apparent in female fruitlessness gave this barrenness isn’t because of careful signs. Like astute the job of Utrol as a strong treatment in male barrenness is likewise impressive where it helps in expanding the level of alive sperms and their motility.

Side Effects

Not very many number of patients might experience gentle clogging that can be alleviated with the utilization of milk or unnecessary amount of water.


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  4. Gum Acacia
  5. Butea Frondosa
  6. Emblica Officinalis
  7. Cinnamomum Cassia
  8. Elettaria Cardamomum

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