Ufrim Tabet 10mg 14’s

Ufrim Tabet 10mg 14's

Ufrim Tabet 10mg 14’s


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Pack Size: 14 Tablets

Composition: Escitalopram (10mg)

Pharmaceutical form: Tablets

Brand Name: High-Q

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Ufrim Tabet 10mg 14’s

Introduction For Ufrim Tabet 10mg 14’s

  • Ufrim pills incorporate Escitalopram 10mg in it that is an antidepressant.
  • It belongs to “SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors)” class.
  • Maximum according to day dose is 20 mg.
  • It ought to be orally administered i.e. through mouth.
  • It is indicated in remedy & upkeep of depression.
  • It is likewise indicated in remedy of excessive anxiety, panic disorders, social phobia, & OCD (obsessive compulsive disorders; uncontrollable thoughts & repetitive behavior).
  • It is a prescription medication. Should be used most effective if needed.
  • It may be ate up without or with food.
  • Its use in pregnant ladies and lactating mom isn’t recommended.

How To Use Of Ufrim Tabet 10mg 14’s

  • For oral management i.e. via way of means of the mouth
  • Its preliminary endorsed dose is 10 mg taken as soon as daily. Maximum dose is 20 mg/day in adults.
  • It must be used for endorsed duration to get its most impact in treating conditions.
  • Avoid ingesting alcohol with ufrim tablets
  • It must be saved at among 15 to 30 degree-C farfar from attain of kids and pets

When Not To Use?

  • Don’t use ufrim 14 days earlier than or 14 days after taking MAO inhibitors like linezolid, isocarboxazid, selegiline or rasagiline.
  • While taking at home, comply with all commands of management given in leaflet or given via way of means of the doctor. For the quality impact of medication, use it on the equal time each day.

Why Choose?

  • Ufrim pill incorporates 10mg Escitalopram in it that’s a SSRI that allows in growing serotonin levels (herbal substance) withinside the brain.
  • This allows in treating tension & despair disorders.
  • It is indicated in generalized tension sickness, panic sickness without or with agoraphobia (worry of places), social tension sickness, and in OCD in adults and children (above 18 years).
  • Its route of remedy differs in exclusive depressive and tension conditions.



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