Soda Glycerin Drops

Soda Glycerin Drops

Soda Glycerin Drops


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Pack Size: 10ml

Composition: Soda glycerine

Pharmaceutical form: Drops

Brand Name: Fazal Din & Sons

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Soda Glycerin Drops

Soda Glycerin Drops for ear are the liquid solution that assists in softening, dispersing, and occasionally dissolve the ear wax. While earwax drops can be a reliable self-sufficient treatment for ear wax, they’re typically used prior to other treatment option for ear wax, such as an ear syringing device or irrigation for the ear.


Side Effects

  • Mild burning
  • Stinging
  • Rash
  • Itching/swelling
  • Severe dizziness
  • Trouble breathing.

How To Use Soda Glycerin Drops?

  • The drops are put on the ear only.
  • Wash your hands before you begin.
  • Bring the drops up until they are at room temperature prior to making use of them. (Let the bottle sit within the space for around 30 minutes).
  • Relax, or move your head slightly to make sure that the affected ears are directed toward the sky.
  • Simply pull your earlobe in a gentle manner to straighten the ear canal.
  • Release 3-4 drops of water into your ear, to fill the ear canal.
  • Be careful not to rub the inside of your ear using the dropper when you do this.
  • If the drops are intended for children, use only the amount of drops required to fill your ear canal.
  • Keep your ears pointing upwards for 5-10 mins to maintain the solution in your ear.
  • Repeat the process for your other ear in case you’ve been asked to apply the drops to both ears.
  • Use this product frequently to reap the maximum benefit from it.
  • Quantity depends on the medical conditions you have and your the response to treatment.
  • Do not increase the dosage or take this medication more frequently than recommended.

Expert Advice

  • Avoid exposure for too long to natural sunlight to avoid getting sunburn.
  • Don’t increase the amount than the amount prescribed by your physician.
  • If the condition continues or gets worse, or you suspect that you be dealing with a serious medical problem with a problem seek medical attention immediately.
  • Make sure it is out of the range of kids.
  • It should be stored at room temperature.
  • Be sure to keep it out of direct sunlight.


  • Soda glycerine is not recommended in patients suffering from hypersensitivity to soda glycerine.
  • Soda Glycerine is not recommended for use by patients who have a ruptured (perforated) eardrum or who have had any surgery on the ear.
  • Soda Glycerine is not recommended for use by patients with allergies to other drops for the ear.


  • Patients who are allergic Soda Glycerine as well as any constituents must consult a doctor prior to taking it.
  • If any nutritional supplements, vitamins and herbal supplements are being taken, consult your doctor prior to using soda glycerine.
  • If you notice any swelling occurs, contact your physician immediately.



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