Ringer-Lactate 1000ml solution

Ringer-Lactate 1000ml solution

Ringer-Lactate 1000ml solution


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Pack Size: 1000ml

Composition: Ringer

Pharmaceutical form: Injections

Brand Name: Otsuka

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Ringer-Lactate 1000ml solution

Ringer-Lactate 1000ml solution is used to provide electrolytes, calories , and water to hydrate. Lactated Ringers can be taken in conjunction together with other drugs.

Lactated Ringers belong to the class of drugs known as Alkalinizing Agents.


This product is suggested to be used by adults as well as children as an electrolyte supplement, calories, and water to hydrate.

Side Effects Of Ringer-Lactate 1000ml solution

  • fever
  • Injection site infections
  • Inflammation in the vein
  • A blood clot in the vein.
  • Leakage of the IV fluid to the surrounding tissue
  • Weight gain
  • Swelling
  • Shortness of breath


  • It is not a complete contraindication, but a more important consideration could be the use of Ringer’s Lactate in patients suffering from liver disease.
  • The majority of the lactate is processed in the liver and any hepatic disorder will cause an increase in lactate.
  • This could cause confusion in the interpretation of the lactate levels.
  • In the case of acute conditions patients suffering from cerebral edema who require osmotic treatment must avoid hypotonic or isotonic liquid such as Ringer’s lactate.
  • The aim of the therapy is to remove the parenchyma in the brain by administering hypertonic fluid.
  • While studies have evaluated two treatments, a single study examined the effects of traditional fluid resuscitation with hypertonic saline for hypotensive patients who have suffered trauma to the brain in the prehospital situation.



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