Piozer Plus Tablets 15/850mg 14’s

Piozer Plus Tablets 15/850mg 14's

Piozer Plus Tablets 15/850mg 14’s


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Pack Size: 14’s

Composition: Pioglitazone, Metformin

Pharmaceutical form: Tablets

Brand Name: Hilton Pharma

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Piozer Plus Tablets 15/850mg 14’s

Piozer Plus Tablets 15/850mg 14’s can be used to treat the symptoms of elevated glucose levels in the blood. It is utilized in conjunction exercises and balanced diet.

The reduction in blood sugar protects people from suffering from the effects of hyperglycemia like diabetes foot, kidney problems heart problems, issues with infections.

Uses Of Piozer Plus Tablets 15/850mg 14’s

  • This is a combination drug that is used in conjunction with exercise and diet to help improve the control of blood sugar levels in people suffering from the condition known as type 2 diabetes.
  • Metformin and pioglitazone are not intended to treat type 1 diabetes.

Side Effects

  • Nausea vomiting nausea
  • stomach upset
  • diarrhea and weakness as well as sore throat muscles as well as weight gain
  • dental issues or an unpleasant metallic taste in your mouth could be present.
  • When any of the symptoms persist or get worse, inform your doctor or pharmacist immediately.
  •  If stomach pains return later (after having taken the same dosage for a number of months or even weeks) consult your physician immediately.
  • The stomach symptoms that appear in the initial days of treatment could be a sign of lactic acidosis.

When Not To Use

It is not recommended for those who have a history of hypersensitivity to the drug.


Consult your physician prior to using this medicine if suffer from any of the following conditions such as hepatic impairment, heart insufficiency or a history of heart insufficiency.


  • Interactions with drugs can alter how your medication perform or increase the risk of serious adverse negative effects.
  •  This guideline does not cover all possible interactions between drugs.
  •  Keep a list of all the products you use (including prescription/nonprescription drugs and herbal products) and share it with your doctor and pharmacist.
  •  Do not begin or stop or alter the dose of any medication without the approval of your physician.
  • Other medications may influence the elimination from pioglitazone from your body, which could alter the way that pioglitazone functions.
  • The most common examples are gemfibrozil as well as rifamycins such as the drug rifampin and rifampin, among others.Beta-blocker medicines (such as propranolol, metoprolol and glaucoma eye drops like timolol) could help stop the rapid/pounding heartbeat that is typically felt whenever your sugar level is to a low level (hypoglycemia).
  •  Other signs associated with low blood sugar like the feeling of dizziness, hunger and sweating are not affected by these medications.

Regular monitoring for cardiac failure is important.



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