Pc-Trax 1gm injection

Pc-Trax 1gm injection

Pc-Trax 1gm injection


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Pack Size: 1gm

Composition: Ceftriaxone (1gm)

Pharmaceutical form: Injections

Brand Name: Epharm

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Pc-Trax 1gm injection

Pc-Trax 1gm injection is used to treat a range of bacteria-related infections, including those which are life-threatening or serious like E. meningitis, E. or pneumonia. It’s not effective against influenza, colds and other viral illnesses. Ceftriaxone can also be prescribed to protect people from getting infections following certain types of surgical procedures. It is a drug that kills bacteria.


  • Ceftriaxone can be used to treat a broad range of bacteria-related infections.
  • It is a medication is part of a class of drugs called Cephalosporin antibiotics.
  • It is a drug that stops the development of bacteria.
  • This medication is not suggested to be used in infants having excessive levels of blood levels of bilirubin levels and infants who are premature due to the chance of adverse effects.
  • Talk to your physician as well as the the pharmacist for more information.

Side Effects

  • Redness
  • swelling, or pain at the site of injection could occur.
  • In the event that any one of these reactions persists or becomes worsen inform your physician as well as your pharmacist immediately.
  • Keep in mind the fact that you are taking this medication is prescribed because your doctor has determined that the benefits to you are more that the chance of adverse negative effects.
  • A majority of people who take this medication do not suffer significant side effects.

How To Use Pc-Trax 1gm injection?

  • The medicine is typically administered at least once or twice a day through injection into a muscle or vein according to the advice of your physician.
  • The dose is determined by your symptoms and response to treatment.
  • If your doctor has told you not to, you are advised to drink plenty of fluids when taking this medication.
  • Make sure to take this medication at regular intervals to ensure the most effective results.
  • You should take this medication at the exact time(s) every day to make it easier to remember.
  • If your symptoms do not fade after a couple of days, you should continue taking the medication for the duration suggested by your physician.
  • Doing so too quickly can cause problems to return.
  • If the problem persists or becomes worsens, notify your physician.


  • Interactions with drugs can alter how your medication function or increase your chance of developing serious adverse negative effects.
  • This guideline does not cover all interactions that could occur between drugs.
  • Keep a list of all the products you use (including prescription/nonprescription drugs and herbal products) and share it with your doctor and pharmacist.
  • Don’t start or stop or alter the dose of any medication without the approval of your physician.
  • Certain medications that can be incompatible with this drug are calcium-containing IV fluids.
  • It is possible that this medication could affect certain laboratory tests (such as urinary glucose tests) which could lead to false results on tests.
  • Be sure that laboratory personnel and your physicians know you are taking this medication.

Expert Advice

  • This medication is administered via injection or by infusion only.
  • Contact prescriber if there is burning/swelling/redness/pain at injection or infusion or if there is rash, hives, itching, difficulty in breathing or swallowing, unrelieved diarrhea (watery stools), vaginal drainage or itching, mouth sores, blood, pus or mucus in stools or urine, easy bruising or bleeding, unusual chills or fever.
  • The stools may be bloody or watery.
  • They may occur for 2 or more months following therapy.
  • They can be very serious and require prompt intervention.
  • Consume enough fluids (2-3 Liters daily) to ensure hydration except if prescribed by a doctor.


  • Patients suffering from the extreme kidney (kidney) and liver (liver) impairment, as well as those with non-severe susceptibility to the other beta-lactams can be susceptible to the medication.
  • Avoid using it during pregnancy unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • A complete blood count is required to be checked during treatment.



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