Pantra 100mg Injection

Pantra 100mg Injection

Pantra 100mg Injection


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Pack Size :                              5 Ampoule

Composition :                        Tramadol

Pharmaceutical form :        injection

Brand Name : GETZ PHARMA


Pantra 100mg Injection

Pantra 100mg Injection (Tramadol HCl) is a centrally acting opioid analgesic .Pantra 100mg Injection also has noradrenergic and serotonergic properties that may contribute to its analgesic activity. Chemically,Pantra 100mg Injection is -cis-2-[(Dimethylamino)methyl]-1- (3-methoxyphenyl) cyclohexanol hydrochloride. Pantra 100mg Injection molecular formula is C16H25NO2 .HCl. Pantra 100mg Injection is used to help relieve moderate to moderately severe pain.  Tramadol has a low dependence potential. On long-term use tolerance, psychic and physical dependence may develop. – Convulsions have been reported at therapeutic doses and the risk may be increased at doses exceeding the usual upper daily dose limit. – Pantra 100mg Injectionl should be used with prudence in patients who have shown previous hypersensitivity to opiates, and in patients with severe renal or hepatic impairment, head injury, decreased level of consciousness, increased intracranial pressure, or patients in shock or at risk of convulsions.

Tramadol may potentiate the CNS depressant effects of other centrally acting drugs (including alcohol) when administered concomitantly with such drugs. – Tramadol can induce convulsions and increase the potential for selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs), tricyclic antidepressants, anti-psychotics and other seizure threshold lowering medicinal products (such as bupropion, mirtazapine, tetrahydrocannabinol) to cause convulsions. –  Symptoms of tramadol overdose include vomiting, miosis, sedation, seizures, respiratory depression and hypotension, with circulatory failure and coma. Respiratory failure may also occur. Such symptoms are typical of opioid analgesics.   The treatment of acute overdose of tramadol using hemodialysis or hemofiltration alone is not sufficient or suitable due to the slow elimination of tramadol from the serum by these routes.


It is used to help relieve moderate to moderately severe pain.

Side effects

Nausea, vomiting, constipation, lightheadedness, dizziness, drowsiness, or headache may occur

When not use

It is not recommended for children between 12 and 18 years old who are obese or have breathing problems Or hypesensitivity to the drug.


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