Moov Ointment

Moov Ointment

Moov Ointment


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Pack Size : 25gOintment

Composition : In Description

Pharmaceutical Form : Ointment



Moov Ointment Uses

  1. The mint leaves in Moov relief from discomfort cream gives a cooling impact to the aggravation and treat the sore muscles and assuage joint throbs
  2. Turpentine oil assists with mitigating tissue uneasiness and unwind muscles
  3. Eucalyptus oil in Moov relief from discomfort cream is an incredible back rub salve for joint agony and gives a loosening up warmth.

Moov Pain Relief Cream helps in assuaging torment and gives muscle unwinding and helps in speedy recuperation. These fixings enter profound into the skin to create warmth and are perceived for their relieving characteristics. Moov Pain alleviation cream is a pain relieving (or torment soothing) salve made utilizing 100% ayurvedic fixings helps in loosening up muscle firmness and diminishing agony adequately. Moov Pain Relief Cream rapidly and viably assuages muscles torment, neck torment, back agony and aggravation.


  1. Oil of wintergreen        15.0
  2. Pudinah ka Phool        5.0
  3. Tarpin ka Tel              3.0
  4. Nilgiri Tel                    2.0


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