Kenacomb Cream 20g

Kenacomb Cream 20g

Kenacomb Cream 20g


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Pack Size: 20gm cream

Composition: Triamcinolone, Neomycin, Gramicidin, Nystatin

Pharmaceutical form: Cream

Brand Name: GlaxoSmithKline

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Kenacomb Cream 20g

Kenacomb Cream 20g ointment is used to relieve the inflammation and itching of skin conditions which are likely to become infected or are already infected.Do not use KENACOMB ointment under dressings or on large areas of skin unless your doctor tells you. Do not give this ointment to anyone else, even if they have the same condition as you. Do not use it to treat any other complaints unless your doctor tells you to. Do not use it in the eyes.

If nasal packing is not needed, your doctor may advise you to apply an antibiotic ointment (such as Bactroban or Kenacomb) inside the nose. You can stop nearly all nosebleeds yourself at home.This medication is used to treat skin rashes that have become infected by certain bacteria or fungi. It contains 4 ingredients: triamcinolone, neomycin, gramicidin, and nystatin. Triamcinolone belongs to the class of medications called corticosteroids and works by decreasing inflammation.

Kenacomb is a combination of a potent steroid (triamcinolone), an antifungal (nystatin) and two antibacterial agents (neomycin and gramicidin.) Kenacomb is commonly prescribed as “shotgun” therapy for a wide variety of dermatological conditions.

Uses Of Kenacomb Cream 20g

This drug can be used in patients who experience inflammation and fungal skin infections.

Uses of Gramicidin

This medication is used to treat bacterial eye infections.

Uses of Nystatin

This medication is recommended in mixed candidal (fungal) infections.

Side Effects

Patients using this medication may at times experience,

  • corneal thinning,
  • cataract,
  • fungal infection and rise in intraocular (eye) pressure.

If you experience any of these symptoms for a long period of time, consult your doctor immediately.

How Kenacomb Cream 20G works

  • Kenacomb acts targets the cell membrane of the organism and it kills it.
  • It also stops the cell from producing essential proteins that are necessary its survival.

When Not To Use

This medication should be avoided if you are allergic to corticosteroids.


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