Depilus Cream 15gm

Depilus Cream 15gm

Depilus Cream 15gm


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Pack Size: 15gm

Composition: Eflornithine Hydrochloride

Pharmaceutical Form: Cream

Brand Name: Atco Laboratories



Depilus Cream 15gm

Depilus Cream 15gm is used to treat hirsutism or to remove facial hairs. In other words, it is a hair removal cream. It contains a substance called eflornithine hydrochloride that slows or decreases the abnormal hair growth (hair removal cream).

Depilus cream is applied to the affected area of the face or the other parts of the body.


  • The cream can be used to eliminate facial hair.
  • When used regularly it will slow the growth of hair that is not needed and leave.

Side Effects Of Depilus Cream 15gm

  • Tingling
  • burning
  • burning and redness of skin can be experienced.
  • If these symptoms persist or get worse, consult your physician.

When not to use

It is not recommended for those with hypersensitivity to the medication.


  • Prior to use the product, wash your hands. Clean then dry the region as directed. Dry the impetigo-infected skin should be eliminated to improve the chance of receiving antibiotic treatment.
  • If your doctor has instructed you Apply an amount of the medication at least once a day, typically as an even layer.
  • You can apply a sterilized gauze bandage over the region if you are you are asked to apply it. Care for the infected region. If you’re not applying these products to heal your hands you should not clean your hands.

How it works

Depilus 11.50 15% Cream 15gm is an organic substance required for hair growth and is located inside the hair’s follicle (the sac where hair is able to grow).

  • The medication should not be applied on an open area and the area that is exposed should remain exposed until the physician instructs you to the contrary.
  • Use only the product in a limited amount since it will not be effective and could cause the skin condition to get worse.
  • Talk to your dentist or doctor prior to having surgery about the different products you are using (including prescription and nonprescription medicines and herbal supplements).
  • If it is evident that medication is required and you are pregnant, take it. Before speaking with your physician be aware of potential risks and benefits.


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