Cutivate Cream 10g

Cutivate Cream 10g

Cutivate Cream 10g


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Pack Size: 10g

Composition: Fluticasone Propionate

Pharmaceutical form: Cream

Brand Name: GlaxoSmithKline

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Cutivate Cream 10g

Cutivate Cream 10g is used to treat a variety of skin conditions (such as eczema, psoriasis, rash). Fluticasone reduces swelling (inflammation), itching, and redness.

This medication is a medium-strength corticosteroid. It is available in several forms, including cream, ointment, and lotion.


This medicine is used for treating seasonal or year around nasal allergic symptoms such as,

  • sneezing
  • runny/stuffy nose
  • itching.

Side Effects Of Cutivate Cream 10g

You may experience,

  • nasal irritation
  • taste disturbances
  • headache and anaphylaxis (life threatening allergic reaction).

When Not To Use

  • This medication can be used in pregnant females when no safer alternate is available.
  • This effects of this medicine in lactating women are unknown; therefore,precaution is advised.
  • Please consult your doctor before use.

How To Use Cutivate Cream 10g?

  • Apply it as a medication only on your surface of the skin only.
  • But, don’t apply it to the facial, groin, or underarms, or to treat the diaper-rash unless you are advised to do so by your physician.
  • Cleanse and dry your hands prior to using.
  • Dry and clean the area affected.
  • Apply a thin coating of medication on the area affected and gently rub it in, typically every day, or as prescribed by your physician.
  • Don’t bandage, cover or wrap the affected area unless instructed to apply the treatment by your physician.
  • Cleanse the hands after every use, unless taking this medication for treating the hands.
  • Do not get this medication into the eyes since it can cause or trigger the development of glaucoma.
  • Be sure to avoid it getting into either your eyes or the mouth.
  • If you get medication in these areas, wash them using plenty of fluid.


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