Citralka Liq 1.315gm 120ml

Citralka Liq 1.315gm 120ml

Citralka Liq 1.315gm 120ml

Citralka Liq 1.315gm 120ml


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Pack Size: 120ml

Composition: Sodium Acid Citrate

Pharmaceutical form: Liquid

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Citralka Liq 1.315gm 120ml

Citralka Liq 1.315gm 120ml is a medicine used in the treatment of gout and kidney stones. It stops the production of uric acid in the body and reduces the episodes of gout attack and prevent kidney stones

SODIUM CITRATE (SIH trik AS id; SOE dee um SIH tray) makes blood and urine more alkaline or less acidic. This helps prevent some kidney stones. It is also used to treat metabolic acidosis, a condition in some people with kidney problems.

Sodium citrate, more properly, disodium hydrogen citrate, is an acid salt of citric acid with the chemical formula Na2C6H6O7. It is used as an antioxidant in food and to improve the effects of other antioxidants. It is also used as an acidity regulator and sequestrant. Typical products include gelatin, jam, sweets, ice cream, carbonated beverages, milk powder, wine, and processed cheeses. Disodium citrate may be used in patients to alleviate discomfort from urinary-tract infections.


This medication is used in the treatment of acidosis (reduced alkalinity of the blood and of the body tissues), pyelitis (inflammation of the lining of the renal pelvis.), to render the urine less acid

Side Effects

Patients using this medication may at times experience mild diuresis (increased production of urine). If you experience this for a long period of time, please consult your doctor. Serious side effects of citric acid and sodium citrate include muscle twitching or cramps, swelling or weight gain, weakness, mood changes, rapid and shallow breathing, fast heart rate, restless feeling, black or bloody stools, severe diarrhea, or seizure (convulsions).

When Not To Use

This medication is contraindicated in patients having pulmonary edema (breathing problem), low calcium levels, high blood pressure, heart problems (e.g., irregular heartbeat, heart failure), kidney disease and swollen ankles/legs/feet due to retaining water.


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