Betnesol 0.5mg


Betnesol 0.5mg

Betnesol 0.5mg


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Pack Size: 100 tablet 10 tablet(s)/Strip

Composition: Betamethasone

Pharmaceutical form: Tablets

Brand Name: [button link=”” color=”purple” newwindow=”yes”] GlaxoSmithKline[/button]

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Betnesol Tablet is a steroid. It is used in the treatment of inflammation, severe allergies, flare-ups of ongoing illnesses. It is also used to treat many other medical problems that require either reduction of inflammation or suppression of the immune system.

Indications: This medicine should not be used in patients with viral, fungal or tuberculous infections.

Usage: This medicine is used in the treatment of non-infected inflammatory conditions of eye, ear or nose.

Side Effects: Patients using this medication may at times experience corneal thinning, cataract, and rise in intraocular (eye) pressure. If you experience any of these symptoms for a long period of time, consult your doctor immediately.


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