BC-2BIO Oral Suspension

BC-2BIO Oral Suspension

BC-2BIO Oral Suspension


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Pack Size: 10 Drinkable flasks of 5ml

Composition: Bacillus Clausii

Pharmaceutical Form: Suspension

Brand Name: Tabros  Pharma

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BC-2BIO Oral Suspension

BC-2BIO Oral Suspension (B. clausii )is a generally utilized Bacillus spp. probiotic. Clinical information support its utilization for the treatment and anticipation of gut hindrance weakness.

Little preliminaries have explored use in preterm youngsters to forestall disease, therapy of nasal sensitivities and upper respiratory contaminations in kids, and therapy of intense or persistent loose bowels, small-digestive system bacterial excess (SIBO), and antagonistic impacts of Helicobacter pylori treatment in grown-ups.

Uses Of BC-2BIO Oral Suspension

  • Probiotics are live microbes which when consumed in sufficient amount helps to resume the original gut microflora, distressed by diarrhea or antibiotic intake.
  • Most bacterial probiotics such as Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria, which are inhabitants of the gut, are available as lyophilized preparations of vegetative cells while some probiotic bacterial preparations that belong to the genus Bacillus are available in the form of spores.
  • Bacterial spores are dormant and resistant to heat, desiccation, dehydration and are extremely stable, which is a desirable property for probiotics.
  • The spores of Bacillus germinate in the gut and the vegetative cells are vital for the human gut health .


  • In medical studies, normal dosing became 2×109 spores administered orally as a tablet or suspension 2 or three instances daily, for 10 days up to three months.

Manufacturer product information

  • Adults: four to 6×109 spores/day (2 to a few vials/day of suspension or 2 to a few capsules/day). Children and infants: 2 to 4×109 spores/day. Use is usually recommended for brief intervals of time.


  • Hypersensitivity to B. clausii or to any of the product excipients.


  • According to the product information, B. clausii may be used all through being pregnant and lactation and in breastfeeding infants.


  • None well documented.

Adverse Reactions

  • No unfavorable results had been mentioned in medical trials of B. clausii or withinside the product information.


  • No data.


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