Asthotifen 60ml Syrup

Asthotifen 60ml Syrup

Asthotifen 60ml Syrup


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Pack Size: 60ml

Composition: Ketotifen

Pharmaceutical Form: Syrup

Brand Name: Zafa Pharma


Asthotifen 60ml Syrup

Asthotifen 60ml Syrup medicine treats and prevents eye itching due to allergy (allergic/seasonal conjunctivitis). Ketotifen is an antihistamine medication for the eyes that treat allergies by blocking the release of a chemical (histamine).


  • This medicine is used to treat and prevent eye itching due to allergies (allergic/seasonal conjunctivitis).
  • Ketotifen is an antihistamine medication for the eyes that treat allergies by blocking the release of a chemical (histamine).
  • It also functions as an anti-mast cell stabilizer that reduces allergic reactions by limiting releases of the natural ingredients which cause an allergic reaction.

Side Effects Of Asthotifen 60ml Syrup

  • Burning/stinging/irritation of the eye
  • Headache
  • Stuffy/runny nose
  • Bad taste in your mouth
  • Increased sensitivity to light may occur.
  • If any of these symptoms persist or worsen consult your physician or your pharmacist immediately.
  • If your physician has advised you to take the medication make sure it is because your physician has concluded that the value to you is more than the risk of adverse consequences.
  • Many patients who use this medication do not suffer severe side effects.
  • Inform your doctor immediately in case you experience any serious side effects for example dry eyes, eye pain swelling or redness of your eyes, or vision issues.
  • A severe adverse reaction to this medication is extremely rare.
  • However, seek medical attention immediately if you experience any sign of an allergic reaction, such as swelling, itching, or rash (especially of the mouth, tongue, and face) and severe dizziness. breathing difficulties.

How To Use

  • If you’re using a generic product, be sure to read all instructions on the packaging before taking the medicine. a generic product read all instructions on the packaging before
  • If your physician has recommended this medication, take it according to the directions.
  • Apply 1 drop of the solution to your damaged eye(s) as per the instructions on the bottle or by your physician, typically at least twice per day (every 8-12 hours).
  • Dosage is determined by your medical conditions and your response to treatment.
  • For applying the eye drops cleanse the hands first.
  • To prevent contamination, don’t touch the tip of the dropper or let it contact your eye or any other surface.

Interactions Of Asthotifen 60ml Syrup

  • Interactions with drugs could alter the way your medication performs or increase your chance of developing serious adverse side negative effects.
  • This guideline does not cover all interactions that could occur between drugs.
  • Keep a list of all the products you use (including prescription/nonprescription drugs and herbal products) and share it with your doctor and pharmacist.
  • Don’t start, stop, or alter the dose of any medicine without your doctor’s permission.


  • Before you use ketotifen be sure to inform your doctor or pharmacist whether or not you are allergic to it or if you suffer from additional allergic reactions.
  • The product could contain inactive substances (such as the preservative benzalkonium chloride in the multi-dose bottle) that can trigger allergic reactions or cause other issues.
  • Ask your pharmacist for further information.
  • Before taking the medication, inform your doctor or pharmacist about your medical history of eye issues (such as glaucoma).
  • When you use this medication After applying this drug, the vision might temporarily blur.
  • Avoid driving, using machines, or engaging in anything with clear sight until you’re sure you can perform these activities safely.
  • Do not take this medication for children younger than 3 years old unless prescribed by a doctor.
  • In the case of pregnancy it is recommended that this medication be used only when necessary.
  • Discuss the benefits and risks with your physician.



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