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Healthy Eating And Body Image

Healthy Eating and Body Image

Healthy Eating And Body Image

Being healthy and staying fit are the most blistering discussions of this millennial age. Healthy Eating And Body Image – People of all age group are opting for healthy means of nutrition and for staying fit so ultimately masses are reaching out to fitness industry which has made it gross an estimate of $98 billion dollar since 2019.

Healthy Eating – Kids Growing Strong

Healthy Eating and Body Image

For the longest time foods have had been classified into the categories of healthy and unhealthy. There is a certain class of food that is declared to be supremely toxic for human body such as junk food consisting of pizza, burgers, fries etc. Food that have high amount of carbohydrates, sugar, fats and proteins henceforth making them packed with unhealthy calories and then there is the wide healthy category that consists of foods like vegetables, fruits and lentil etc. For some people staying healthy has become such an extremity that consuming junk food is out of question for them. Yet, it’s been said that a balance should be created between both categories because utmost consumption of either one of the categories even if it’s been considered healthy could be noxious for human health resulting if excess of certain minerals and nutrients in the body that could be harmful for normal functioning of the body. Hence the nutritionists recommend that for a healthy body one should not just put restrains and boundaries to food but should set a limit and balance while eating.

Know your body what it does and doesn’t need. There are unequivocally some foods to which our body does not respond well consequently we feel lethargic and there are allergic reactions sometime upset stomachs. The foods vary from person to person. Healthy Eating And Body Image – What’s inappropriate for one person could be good for the other one. Hence, the key to staying healthy is to know the Knick and knack of your body. Daily Health Tips on Twitter | Prunes juice, Food, Green veggies

Body image as per the norms of society:

Another significant component that comes along with healthy food is body image. Sometime both things are considered as one and hence misinterpreted. So many people including both men and women are investing so much money in gym and all sorts of other aerobic and anaerobic activities in order to stay fit and fulfill the self-fabricated perfect body image created by the society. Body image can be defined as how a person sees itself when they compare themselves to the standards set by the society. Bitter truth; there is no such thing as perfect body these are all the façade effigies manifested by the social media. As long as we are comfortable in our own skin and have a perfectly healthy body it is perfect. But there are so many people around us especially teens who struggle with this whole idea of body positivity as to be the part of the rat race and to win it they feel obligated to follow up the trends and the bench mark set by the society and when it is not achieved they tend to fall prey to different eating disorders. Beauty is seen through different angles and different perception over the course of different ages. Culture and society are the ones that mold these notions into what they become and them of courses social media plays a large but despondently an entirely toxic role. They promote wrong body image. The body perfect pictures circulating our social media accounts are nothing more but an illusion and forgery which manipulates our mind and lead us to believe that someone out there does have an ideal body which puts ours to shame and so people throw themselves into hardcore workouts which sometimes prove to be futile. Exercising is good but putting yourself through an entire grapple because you don’t like the way your body look is unfair not just to you mind but for your mental health too.


Nonetheless, eating healthy is obligatory for an individual to stay healthy and lead a contented life similarly staying positive regarding your body is equally obligatory a person should always thrive for the best when it comes to health and staying fit. So, eating heathy and exercising by no means are any extremities in fact they are the millennial lifestyle. Healthy Eating And Body Image – But the key to stay mentally healthy and fit is to create a balance among all be it diet or be it fitness and accept ourselves with whatever body are.