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Effects Of Stress On College Students

Effects Of Stress ON College Students

Effects Of Stress On College Students

IMPORTANCE OF HEALTH CARE & Effects Of Stress On College Students

He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything. Healthy body, healthy mind! Health is an important part of our lives without which any happiness or success in life can’t be imagined. Effects Of Stress On College Students: Only a healthy person can live life properly and do the best in every aspect.

Health is blessings for human beings, the value of which can be asked of sick people. Health is not only toxic to the body but also to mental health. A person with a healthy mind can do good deeds in practical life with interest.

Reason for being unhealthy: less sleep, more food, negative thinking, no proper exercise, over-work, lethargy and laziness, depression, environmental pollution, fatigue, lack of nutrition in body, drug addiction, rays emitting from devices etc. SEE MEDICATIONS

Causes Of Health Issues & Effects Of Stress On College Students:

People of different age and gender are suffering from many physical health issues, however increasing rate of mental health problems are severe issue. Rate of health diseases increase day by day but a highly emerging disease is stress. Mental sickness includes stress, depression, anxiety disorders, restlessness, change in behavior, obsessive attitude & Less Water

Consumption makes your mind and body dehydrated. Effects Of Stress On College Students Every person can handle many tasks in a day that have involved brain. In the world of innovation and development, people have to works as a machine and have to bear pressure of thinking and working.

No doubt, positive and logical thinking is good for mind.

Stress and its types:

Stress is not a psychiatric diagnoses but it closely link to mental illness and after time passing it will be worse. Stress is a condition of mental disturbance and can cause by pressure of work or anxiety.

Stress that causing illness have many kinds but the mainly effecting and causing are:

  • Episodic acute stress: It occurs when a person frequently bouts of acute stress. People of this kind of stress will oftentimes take one or more responsibilities that they can handle. It can cause irritability, uncontrolled anger, rapid heartbeat, panic attack.
  • Chronic acute stress: Anxiety disorders are called acute stress. While, chronic stress is a prolonged feeling of stress that can have negative impact on health.


What Is The Mental illness level in world?

Effects Of Stress On College Students: A person with mental retardation looks physically fit but the effect on his work and thinking can be seen. Through a research of American Psychological Association (APA) in 2020, the age group of 18-23 years old suffers the highest level of stress in a nation.

In a gauge measuring stress, the millennial generation scored 6.1 on a scale of 1 to 10.In the given age group; the people belong to different fields in which students of college have greater significance.

Effect of stress/depression on student’s life?

Students are facing higher burden of studies and pressure to become up to date with newly education system such as online studies.

However, if the stress has an endpoint e.g. stress of presentation or examination that will be ended with time and if stress has no endpoint e.g. If a person have stress of finance that will be challenging and can’t be handled.  

“Having a routine is good for development and health.”

What Are The Causes Of Stress Among College Students?

Nowadays, Students suffer from many problems that cause stress: completion of difficult curriculum, poor educational system, financial expenses, and forceful competition for grades, improper diet and sleep plan.

Stress or depression in college student may cause a heavier loss in their studies and may be can’t get out of disease if complete cure and treatment is not given at time.

When a student undergoes stress or high level depression, their ability to learn, memorize and give good performances can be affected. But it must take steps to prevent it from escalating.

How To Control Stress In College Students?

Effects Of Stress On College Students: Managing and controlling stress level in college student by counseling and developing strategies. Students have to manage their work with time by themselves. These things managed stress level that every person as well as students should adopt:

Enough sleep, eat well and nutritious, exercise, avoid negative thoughts, join encouraging groups, involve in self-motivating activities, organized time and work, give much time to family and friends, talk with consultants etc.

Stress can be cured talking with consultant, medical treatment, mental therapy, behavior therapy, anti-depressants, daily exercise, taking part in co-curricular activities.