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Health And Games Of Olympics

Health And Games Of Olympics 2021

2o2o summer Olympics is an international multiple sports event. Olympics are held in various countries, and this year it has been held in Tokyo, Japan, from 23rd July to 8th August 2021. Health And Games Of Olympics : The event was initially scheduled for 2020, but due to the COVID 19 virus, it shifted to 2021. Originally, the first Olympic games were held in Greece in 776 BC. In the early Olympic games, only males were allowed to participate. However, later...

How to Get Vaccinated for Corona Virus or COVID 19 in Pakistan

How To Get Vaccinated For Corona Virus Or COVID 19 In Pakistan

VACCINATION Get Vaccinated For Corona Virus: Vaccination and immunization have almost the same meaning in everyday practice. To reduce the risk of an upsurge of some diseases at different times, governments and other institutions have employed policies requiring vaccination for all the nations. However, beginning with the initial vaccination in the nineteenth century, these policies were resisted by a diversity of groups called anti-vaccinationist. Even in the 20th century, Anti-vaccinationist also exists. THE VACCINATION IN PAKISTAN (Get Vaccinated For Corona Virus) Vaccination in...



INTRODUCTION: ANEMIA IRON DEFICIENCY is a medical condition in which the body does not have enough red blood cells to carry oxygen to various organs and tissues. This is due to low levels of iron in blood resulting in low hemoglobin level. Women especially pregnant women are more prone to anemia. During pregnancy your body needs double the amount of iron to make more blood to supply oxygen to baby. If your body don’t have enough stores of iron, there are greater...

Personality Disorders Featured Image

Personality Disorders: Symptoms, Causes, Types, Treatments, FAQ’s

WHAT ARE PERSONALITY DISORDERS?Personality Disorders are a group of mental health conditions characterized by unhealthy patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving. People with personality disorder believe that their way of thinking and behaving is completely normal. They have a view of world that is quite different than others, as a result, they find it difficult to participate in social, educational, and family activities.A personality disorder can affect how you manage your relationships, and how you cope with life. Personality disorders...


INTRODUCTION: (Impact Of Smoking On Oral Health) Tobacco smoking is considered the leading cause of death in the world. Oral Health: Smoking can lead to many different health issues and diseases, such as bad breath, discoloration of tooth, inflammation of salivary gland openings, increased bone loss, increased risk of leukoplakia, increased risk of developing gum diseases, delayed healing after tooth extraction, and increased risk of infection. WHAT IS ORAL HEALTH/HYGIENE: Oral health means much more than healthy teeth. Oral hygiene is keeping mouth...

Effects Of Stress ON College Students

Effects Of Stress On College Students

Nowadays, Students suffer from many problems that cause stress: completion of difficult curriculum, poor educational system, financial expenses, and forceful competition for grades, improper diet and sleep plan. Stress or depression in college student may cause a heavier loss in their studies and may be can’t get out of disease if complete cure and treatment is not given at time.  

Healthy Eating and Body Image

Healthy Eating And Body Image

Being healthy and staying fit are the most blistering discussions of this millennial age. Healthy Eating And Body Image - People of all age group are opting for healthy means of nutrition and for staying fit so ultimately masses are reaching out to fitness industry which has made it gross an estimate of $98 billion dollar since 2019. Healthy Eating and Body Image For the longest time foods have had been classified into the categories of healthy and unhealthy. There is a...

How much Water Should You Drink

How much Water Should You Drink? – 10 Tips to Perform Well

Hydration How much Water Should You Drink? Planet Earth and the creatures that live on it are, to a huge degree, water. Counting man. We need it to live, however our body continually loses it and requirements to supplant it similarly. How much water would it be se phly for advisable for us to drink? We attempt to respond to these and different inquiries that are imperative to us. Somewhere in the range of 60 and 70% of your body weight...

winter safety tips

Winters & Health

With the advent of winter human health is under high scrutiny due to the rapid decrease in the temperature. People are more disposed to viruses and catching diseases like common cold and fever. These two infections are the common household names were hardly one in ten people is unaffected by the wave of cold. Winter on its own is very hard on people as some people have very low ability to tolerate this season but this fact is not new to...